- Model AZS-BSFS-40 - High Moisture Raw Material Crusher Machine

High moisture raw material crusher machine is a kind of professional fertilizer machine for crushing high-moisture and high-fiber material such as fowl manure, sodium humate, sludge, straw, etc. The moisture of material can leap between 25%- 50%. It usually adopts high speed rotating blades to realize fine crushing. With these characters, this fertilizer crushing machine is widely used in organic fertilizer production. Besides the above advantages, as a reputable crushing machine manufacturer, Azeus fertilizer crusher improves its manufacturing craftsmanship. The holder of the machine is welded by optimal carbon steel plate and box iron and pass strict conformity certification. The rotors of the machine adopts double-duty lining, which has better processing effect compared with other common crushers. Its inner liner is made of high-duty lining to longer its service life. so it is a completely right choice to choose our high moisture material crusher in organic fertilizer production.

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