- Model AZS-HBM-1.2X4 - Fertilizer Rotary Drum Coating Machine

Rotary drum coating machine is a kind of fertilizer coating equipment for granular fertilizer. This coater machine is often used in the solid powdering and liquid coating process of granular fertilizers. But why we need to coat the fertilizer? Because the fertilizer coating equipment enables the surface of compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer to form a layer of protective film to isolate the surface from the air, thereby protecting fertilizer from agglomeration, improving the surface brightness, as well as making fertilizer granules be coated slow release fertilizers. That is to say, fertilizer coater machine helps to preserve the quality of finished fertilizers during storage, handling and shipping. Besides that, it also increases fertilizer efficiency. Our rotary drum coating machine is with humanized structure, operation stability, high adaptability, and is free from dust and pollution. Fertilizer coating machine consists of spiral conveyor, agitator tank, oil pump, mainframe etc

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