- Model AZS-YPJB-2000 - 30,000 Tons/year Compound Fertilizer Production Line

This compound fertilizer manufacturing plant applies to make raw materials into granular compound fertilizers. It is with annual compound fertilizer production of 30,000 tons, but it is not the only one choice, our engineers can assembly different compound fertilizer production lines in accordance with your requirements. This line adopts roll extrusion granulation technology, with low investment, high economic benefit. The whole sets of fertilizer equipment are compact, advanced by using scientific design. Additionally, we employ high quality, anti-corrosive material to guarantee their service life and practicability of the fertilizer machines. This 30,000 tons compound fertilizer production line suits for fertilizer manufacturer who is green hand and just starts their business. Due to low consumption, environmental protection, and great working performance, the configuration of the entire line is extremely popular in large areas.

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