- Model AZS-YPWL-1500 - Fertilizer Disc Mixer Machine

Disc mixer is used to blend raw materials of both compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. There are several stiring spades welded on the main shaft and small shovels are set on each stiring spade. These arms and shovels fully mix the raw materials in the disc. This machine has passed the strict product certification and special manufacturing requirements to ensure the normal and continuous working. Pan mixer can be used separately, or connected with other fertilizer equipment, such as fertilizer granulator, in the whole production line. Open the discharging port under the disc, the materials will be discharged and fall on the belt conveyor to be sent to the fertilizer granulator. Pan mixer is indispensable to produce qualified compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer. Adopted PP or stainless steel plate inside, materials are not easy to stick on the disc wall.

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