- Model AZS-YPZL-2000 - Disc Pan Fertilizer Granulars making machine

Different from rotary drum granulator only being used for compound fertilizer manufacturing, pan granulator can be used to produce not only compound fertilizer, but organic fertilizer, being one of the most important fertilizer granulating equipment nowadays. 1.The flat pan adopts circular arc structure, promising 93% compound fertilizer yield. 2.The disk uses strong iron material, sturdy and durable. Due to strong, stable and lasting base design, there is no need fixing the base with Anchor Bolt. 3.The inside lining of the pan adopts high strength and strong corrosion-resistance plastics glass, with simply structure, high fertilizer granules yield, and easier to maintenance. 4.This fertilizer granulator machine is stable and reliable in operation, low noise. 5.It is used in our compound fertilizer production line, such as our tailor-made 50,000 tons/year compound fertilizer production line.

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