- Garlic/Onion Drying Machine Oven

Garlic/Onion Drying Machine Oven( Customized) Capacity for Chioce: 60kg/batch, 120kg/batch, 240kg/batch, 360kg/batch, 480kg/batch ⊙ The hot air circulation drying oven is the use of steam and electricity as a heat source, is heated by a heater, a lot of hot air is circulated in the oven, through continuous supply of fresh air from air inlet into the oven, and then discharge from wet exhaust outlet, thus increasing the heat transfer effect, so that the inside material moisture gradually reduced. ⊙ Temperature: if heated by steam 50-140℃ and the highest temperature is 150℃. If heated by far infrared 50-350℃. Email: info@food-machines.org Website: www.fooddryingoven.com

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