- Stainless Steel Chili Dryer Machine

Stainless Steel Chili Dryer Machine/ Pepper Drying Machine Capacity for Chioce: 60kg/batch, 120kg/batch, 240kg/batch, 360kg/batch, 480kg/batch 1. Low energy consumption and high hot efficiency thanks to the hot air circling inside the oven. 2. Reliable and safe operation due to forced ventilation effect, in which there is an adjustable wind board. 3. No noise and the temperature can be adjusted 4. Wide application: suitable for fruits, vegetables,etc. 5. Made of high quality material : stainless steel. 6. Baking timer per batch: 4-6 hours per batch according to different materials. Email: info@food-machines.org Website: www.fooddryingoven.com

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