- Model TS - Fluid Mineral Simple Fertilizers



AZOFARM TS induces an increase of production, the thickening of fruits and improvement of vegetative conditions of crops.
It exalts the foliar colouration and prevents possible deficiencies thanks to the combination of trace-elements with sulphur.

Total Azote (N) 16,0% w/w of which:
Ureic Azote 16,0% w/w
Copper (Cu) 0,02% w/w soluble in water
Iron (Fe) 0,60% w/w soluble in water
Zinc (Zn) 0,02% w/w soluble in water

It acidifies the soil reducing its PH

Useful notes

  • Protect from temperatures approaching 0°C or exceeding 50°C
  • Before its use, it is suggested to make a test on a part of the crop.
  • It is suggested to make the foliar interventions during the fresher hours of the morning or at the end of the day.
  • Do not stack product more than two containers high.
  • In case of spillage of the content use suitable absorbent material

Arboreal and fruit crops:40 - 50 Kg/Ha
Vegetable crops:30 - 40 Kg/Ha
Flowers and ornamental plants:30 Kg/Ha

In clay soils you must administer the minimum doses.

Kg 1 - Kg 6 - Kg 12 - Kg 30 - Kg 250 - Kg 1200

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