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- Model 28%N - Liquid Turf Fertilizers



Liquid slow release methyleneurea fertilizer for greens & tees and sports turf.

AGLUKON offers a range of AZOLON products specifically developed for liquid fertilization of greens, tees and sports turf.

Liquid fertilization is increasingly seen as an efficient tool for spoon feeding the turf while slowing down turf growth. By further lowering cutting heights superintendents or greenkeepers will be able to improve green speed. This will obviously be appreciated by golfers, particularly before tournaments.

Liquid fertilization is also an effective nutrition-management strategy reducing the incidence of grass diseases.

Key benefits

  • Easy to handle for the greenkeeper.
  • Invisible to the golfer.
  • Joint application with most pesticides possible.
  • Liquid nutrients can be spread in a very even way.
  • Improvement of the homogenous esthetic aspect of the turf.
  • AZOLON products can be mixed to better meet specific requirements.
  • May reduce the incidence of turf diseases.

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