Sistema Azud, S.A.

- Model AG - Special Fittings for Greenhouse



1.- Tomato roller hook. 2.- Pepper and tomato clip. 3.- Tomato, melon and watermelon pinflex. The aim in the designing of greenhouses is to reach the best qualities in resistance, ventilation, light and useful room. One of the advantages of these structures is the possibility of incorporate a big quantity of technical elements that the productive activity must need in automation, robotization and HVAC, to achieve a higher capacity of production and profitability.

  • Important manpower saving.
  • The system is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Fabricated with material highly resistant to the working conditions.

TOMATO ROLLER HOOK, system for hanging plants.

The AZUDFIT AG roller hook system is prepared for different sizes of training wire and with no-drop safety system.


  • the row of plants is completely secure and with no risk of falling over.
  • Manufactured in black polypropylene and, on request, in other colours.

For in outdoor plantations, or in greenhouses, when the tomato plant will be trained. They are manufactured in manufactured in white polypropylene.


The clip is fastened to the parent and graft and keeps them in contact so that an appropriate connection takes place that does not interfere wit the passage of the sap. By being manufactured with materials not excessively rigid, it gradually adapts as the two thicken, until the weld has been completely formed, at which point it can be removed or allowed to fall by itself.

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