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This is a former rental unit that came back from a ranch in Texas. The scale is in perfect working condition, with brand new load cells and a brand new digital indicator. The only 'used' portion of the scale is the steel cage itself, and it is in excellent condition, with normal signs of wear. This scale is one-piece, welded construction and is offered at a significant discount. Shipping is not included in this price but we will put it on a pallet and assist with loading. This scale is also for sale locally in Southern New Mexico (it is on display at a feed store) so if you are interested, don't delay. The scale is 5,000lb capacity with all NTEP certified components, including four 5,000lb Large Envelope load cells. It is 42' wide by 8' long with a solid steel floor. We will remove it from the website when it sells, so if you're reading this, it's available!

General Information about our custom built weigh cages:

Our single animal weigh cage is custom built to fit your alleyway. The size can be as big as 48' x 8' (this is the maximum size of the sheet steel for the floor), down to whatever size you need for your alleyway. Typical cages are 39' x 7'6', but many alleyways are 36' wide or less, so it really depends on your set up. We've found that 7' is long enough for most breeds and 34' is probably the minimum you'd want to go on the width. Also keep in mind that anything more than 38' may be enough room for calves to turn around.

We build the enclosure with steel sides and front and rear sliding doors. The cage is built from 16 gauge square tube with a 1/8' plate steel platform floor so it will handle the roughest of conditions. The entire cage is then washed, primed and painted. We use four 5k LARGE ENVELOPE NTEP load cells and our NTEP LP7510 Animal Weighing Indicator. Technically, this scale can be calibrated to weigh up to 10,000lbs, but unless you're weighing baby elephants, we'll calibrate it to 5,000lbs by 1lb resolution.

The scale arrives pre-calibrated and ready to weigh.

This is a phenomenal value for a weigh cage. That we know of, this is the least expensive single-animal livestock scale in North America and it is made with outstanding craftsmanship, the heaviest of materials and all certified components. This scale is Made in The USA with U.S. Steel. Similar cages from Rice Lake Weighing and Cardinal Scale (which we also sell) are twice the price.

***NOTE: We use only NTEP Certified Scale Components, but the steel cage, itself, is not NTEP Certified. If you live in a jurisdiction that requires NTEP certification to place a scale in service as 'legal for trade,' please contact your local Department of Weights and Measures before purchasing this scale. Please allow one to two weeks before shipping.

Customization is available. Call us if you have special requirements.

Shipping is free to non-residential addresses in the 48 contiguous states. You must have a forklift or a tractor with forks to unload the cage. It ships via a 53' dry van and weighs approximately 1100lbs.

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