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The B-FlowFill is purpose engineered for the automatic filling of buckets and flower containers. The filler is easy to operate and generates substantial labour reductions. The B-FlowFill Vertical is designed for intensive usage. Automating the bucket filling process can never be deemed superfluous. Berg Hortimotive’s container filler is especially developed for the automatic filling of buckets and flower containers with water, possibly preceded by a pre-treatment agent.

The procedure is as follows: place 15 containers onto the galvanised operation platform. The elevator lifts the rack to reach the ideal filling height. The flexible filling-hose, subsequently, loads the container.

The elevator re-adjusts to filling height following removal of the container and initiates filling of the vessel next in line.

The fill capacity of approximately 100 containers per hour ensures constant full container availability. The container filler may be fitted with a conveyor belt on request. The B-FlowFill Vertical is available with a volume counter, with or without a dosing pump. The volume counter ensures an exact amount to the bucket or container even in the event of pressure differences in water supply, while the dosage pump guarantees a proper dosage of the pre-treatment agent effecting an accurate mixing ratio.

Volume counter and dosage pump settings are easily executed and clearly described in the manual. Years of experience have provided us with the know-how of precise container filler requirements. The filler is consequently ideal for use in humid environments and aggressive pre-treatment agents: the hose pumps contain a silicone hose, the fill pipe is of a stainless steel construction, the elevating platform is galvanised, and the frame powder-coated.

The fillers are approved for connection to the regular water supply net and are equipped with swivel wheels to facilitate transport. The key to the container filler’s reliability and effectiveness lies in its very simplicity.

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