Model B-type - Wellboat Channel Counter


The Bioscanner Fish Counter is an electronic device designed for counting both small and large fish on fish farms. Fish of all species are counted stress free and remain in water at all times. The Bioscanner is accurate , fast and reliable. Accurate information on the number and size of farmed fish is ever more important in modern aquaculture. Biomass data on the fish in tanks and pens makes it possible to monitor production and facilitates management and planning. The Bioscanner has been counting fish worldwide since first introduced in 1984 and is the standard in  the automated counting of live fish.

What is the information used for?

  • To know the split when the fish have been graded to base further feeding on.
  • Know the number of fish in size groups when grading.
  • Counting report and recorded images for validation.
  • General stock control.

The B-type refers to the box design and is used when it is not required to lead the fish into a pipe after counting. This version is commonly used on barges when fish are being pumped directly from one cage to another.

2 standard widths (special sizes on request)

  • 1,9m counting width
  • 1,3m counting width
      • Size range: 50g – up
      • Capacity: 40 – 100 ton/hour, per channel
      • Accuracy: over 98%

The Wellboat Channel Counter is well suited for all kind of fish such as: salmon, cod, turbot, halibut, trout, tilapia, sea bass and bream.


  • Trained agents for installation.
  • Repair service at each main area.
  • Critical Spares in place with main agents
  • Routine Service contracts from distributors
  • Updated Service / operating manual
  • All units fully tested for hardware & software performance before delivery.
  • 2 years Warranty guarantee.
  • Customer service & back up.

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