Model B1 - In-Row Automatic Tiller


The In – Row Automatic Tiller – quickly and safely tills the soil directly under vines or trees that are planted in a row. Thanks to a new automatic sensor and the ease of operation this tilling machine allows in-row cultivation tasks to become simplified. Equipped with a control to adjust the inclination of the tiller head, this machine can adapt to a wide variety of un-even working surfaces. The BFM tiller leaves a clean and uniform tilled soil surface, eliminating the terracing effect that other types of in-row cultivation can create. In addition, full mechanical adjustments allow the control of tilling depth, thus resulting in a perfect cultivation under the row of vines or trees.

  • pto shaft
  • variable tiller width (your choice) from 11.8 – 17.7 – 23.6 o 29.5 inches
  • adjustable working wheel to regulate tilling depth remote independent level controls
  • adjustable hydraulic sensor rod

  • lateral assembly plow
  • lateral assembly blade kit
  • arm assembly grass cutter
  • tiller head available for the work between plants spaced as narrow as 15,7 inches
  • electric independent level control (mod. Raiteri)
  • tiller support shaft stronger (only on request)

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