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Model B-Mix 45 (4.5m) - Slurry Mixers - Pump



The B-Mix 45 is a 4.5m long stirrer. By design, the advantage of the B-Mix 45 macerator lies in the fact that it provides easy access to pits with small 750 x 600 mm manholes.It is equipped with a fully galvanized hinged box section to facilitate its maintenance and to offer a better lifetime. The hydraulic tilt ram and the principle of articulation of the frame make it a perfect tool for the pits with average volumes and restricted access. The 2 blades and counter blades allow an accurate mixing of the pit and thus provide a better homogenization of the slurry. The section of the blades’ transmission shaft (Ø 55) enables intensive uses.

  • B-Mix 45 Mixer with propeller – Total length: 4.5m
  • Equipped with two blades propeller. The adjustable counter blade is attached to the chassis.
  • Articulated galvanized body to access small pit openings
  • Complete with adjustable hydraulic top-link ram, oversized P.T.O. shaft with shear bolt
  • Min. opening: 750 x 600mm
  • Toothed support stand

  • Chassis Galvanized Articulated tubular chassis
  • Length 4.5m
  • Pit 2.5m
  • P.T.O. Oversized P.T.O. shaft with shear bolt
  • Ø drive shaft Ø 55mm
  • Propeller 2 paddle
  • Weight 390 kg

  • Marker Boards kit for slurry strirrers

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