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Model B410-510-610 - Corn-Picker



HEADER 4 to 6 rows, plate or roller, folding. CLEANING Combining multiple pad transfer roller extractors stems and 2 large diameter turbines. HOPPER Integrated lift filling; capacity of 10 m², height 3.17 m drain. TRANSMISSION 3 forward speeds in forward and backward, reducing consumption by a significant decrease in engine speed. ENGINE Engine JOHN DEERE, TIER 3, 178 kW. CABIN
Electronic control of transmission and organ harvesting, color touch screen, flexible settings and recordable by the driver.

Self-propelled unit

  • 6 cylinder John Deer© diesel engine TIER 3. 178KW2000Rpm.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • 2 wheel drive, fully hydrostatic transmission.
  • 3 speed ranges:
    • Harvesting speed 0 to 11 km/h.
    • intermediate speed 0 to 15km/h.
    • Road speed 0 to 25 km/h.
  • Front tyres 23.1 R26.
  • Rear tyres 19.5 LR24.
  • 250lt hydraulic oil tank.
  • 600lt fuel tank.
  • 24 VOC electrical system.
  • Cab fitted on silent mounts and is fitted with heating and air conditioning.
  • Protective cover over engine.
  • Access platforms along the husking table, up to the storage hopper.

  • 4 Wheel drive.
  • Driven rear wheels with electro/hydraulic freewheel producing 2000kg thrust.
  • Front wheels 28.1 LR26-30.5 LR32.
  • Rear wheels 540/65 R30.
  • Electric mirrors.

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