Model XL/XLT/XLS & XLN - Forage Box



More upright posts aren’t always the best solution for rigidity. Dion engineers opted instead for a system of ‘tie  rods’ that connect both sides of the box, through the frame, at each upright post. This in conjunction with 20 ga  Galvalume  with 3/4” (91.9 cm) ribbing, results in remarkable rigidity. On top of that, at every rib, self-locking nuts and bolts ensure years of durability

  • Front hydraulic drive
  • Fold Up 18” (46 cm) cross conveyor extension
  • Formed roof molded with 20 ga Galvalume® for maximum rigidity
  • Hydraulic controls for cross conveyor extension, side conveyor and main apron
  • Receiver box kit (standard on B58XLN)
  • Truck mounting kit also available

Front Unloading
Front And Rear Unloading
Rear Unloading

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