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- Model BPN-12 - Spring Harrow


The hallow is applied for field cultivation before and after crop germination (pea, buckwheat, barley, millet, wheat, beet, corn, sunflower, soy) to exterminate weeds at so-called «white filament» stage. The hallow can be used in all agricultural zones on smooth plots and slopes of up to 8º.


It is recommended to use the hallow to:

  • Cultivate fields before and after germination (at the stage of 2-4 leaves) for extermination of annual weeds on tilled crops (corn, sunflower, beet, water-melon, soy);
  • Fight annual weeds on spring crops (barley, buckwheat, pea) at the stage of 3 leaves-bushing out or growth of awns;
  • Fight sprouting of wintering weeds in autumn, as well as to break crust on winter crops in early spring;
  • Exterminate annual weeds on fallow fields.

Single or double harrowing is required. Winter tillage and fallow needs hallowing across or angularly towards the direction of tillage. Wintering, tilled and other crops are hallowed across the direction of seeding. The best time for hallowing is after 9-10 a.m. on sunny days, when cultivated plants are not as crisp as in the morning hours, and the thin root of the weed instantly dries up from the sun rays.

The hallow is unitized with tractors of 40-80 horsepower (UMZ, MTZ, etc.)

Side bars are connected through hinges, which allows to decrease the width of the hallow during transportation. Operative parts are shifted to operating and transport positions using hydraulics.

Two bearing wheels, adjusted by screws, are secured on side shafts to control cultivation depth. Bearing wheels are adjusted in a way, that allows the teeth of the hallow to go 2-10 cm deep and, depending on the type of cultivation, to break crust, destroy roots of weeds and wrap the seeds.

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