- Model AG - Beneficial Rhizobacteria Seed / Root Inoculant



Bac-Pack AG is an all-natural microbial inoculum that improves plant health and vigor through a symbiosis with plant roots. Bac-Pack AG liquid consists of selected bacteria strains that colonize plant root systems. The symbiotic bacteria in Bac-Pack AG produce substances that are utilized by the plant for increased vigor and resistance to damage by pathogens and damping off disease. The rhizobacteria in Bac-Pack AG, used in a disease prevention program, have been shown to reduce the amount of chemical sprays needed for damping-off disease control.

Resistance to Plant Pathogens
Biological control is the reduction of plant pathogens or parasites by using one or more organisms that are natural antagonists. Successful biocontrol utilizes cultural practices and plant selection to create an environment favorable to antagonists and host plant resistance. Mass introduction of beneficial organisms or agents is effective on this basis. The naturally occurring bacteria strains in Bac-Pack AG grow on plant roots and produce substances that increase the vigor of the treated plants, helping them resist damage by pathogenic fungi and damping-off. This results in a more consistent plant stand and increased yields.

Bac-Pack AG is available as a liquid treatment that is applied in the furrow, used as a transplant root dip or
applied in a drip irrigation system.

Bac-Pack AG is non-polluting and safe for the environment.

Organic Agriculture
Bac-Pack AG can be used in certified agriculture crop production, per the guidelines of the USDA - National Organic Program in the USA.

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