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BACTOCELL, The dietary probiotic to secure fish and shrimp performance. First and unique probiotic strain (Pediococcus acidilactici MA 18/5M), authorized for use in aquaculture in the European Union, a guarantee of safety, quality and efficacy.

Lyophilized live bacteria: Pediococcus acidilactici (MA 18/5M Pasteur institute).

Safety and performance
Bactocell has been selected for its specific properties. BACTOCELL® is a homo-fermentative bacteria which converts  complex nutrients into lactic acid L+. This property combined with its positive impact on intestinal maturation allows better digestibility and an optimal protection against negative bacteria.

Highly concentrated
Two formulations have been developed for standard Aquaculture feeding practices:

  • BACTOCELL® PA10: Concentrated formula for applications in aquafeed.
  • BACTOCELL® Aqua 100: specific formula for application in fish and shrimp hatcheries.

The 6 Lallemand pledges:

  • Safety guarntee
  • Full strain characterization and registration in culture collections
  • Consistent product and product composition
  • Clear directions for use
  • Demonstrated efficacy at laboratory and at farm levels
  • Adherence to local regulations concerning their use where available.

Internationally  approved
First and unique probiotic strain authorized for use in aquaculture in the European union, a guarantee of safety, quality and efficacy.

Bactocell is also patented for specific applications in fish (PATENT EP1656150)

European authorization: E1712 / 4d.1712 for salmonids and shrimps.

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.

Fish & Shrimps

Optimizes performance and yield:

  • Stabilizes gut microflora and contributes to improve performance, survival and consequently increase in yield,
  • Prevents deformities (PATENT EP1656150)

Supports gut health by:

  • stabilizing the intestinal microflora and thus discourages negative & opportunistic bacteria
  • helping to maintain optimal natural defenses,

Use BACTOCELL as part of Aquaculture best management practices and improve sustainability (reduction of the use of chemicals substances).

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