- Braided and Twisted Twines



BADINOTTI twines are well known for quality and consistency at a fair price. Twines are available in a large range styles and colors and are used in a variety of applications. The ranges of products are available with different raw material choices, including nylon, polyester and Polypropylene. Modern equipment for manufacturing equipment allows us to supply 8 or 16 carrier braided twines to wholesale and consumer markets. Our twisted twines are a popular choice in the fishing industry for the assembly of nets and are offered in any color as long as minimum quantity requirements are met.

Badinotti also owns and operates some of the most known brands in the USA, which have been a market leader since 1844. These twines utilize special treatments, which Fishermen choose for their
quality and performance.

Our group develops partnerships with key distributors in their respective markets in order to assure excellent local representation.

As with ropes twines are conditioned and quality inspected in order to provide increased breaking strength and consistent finish.

Our product line is available in natural, dyed and tarred varieties and includes:

  • Twisted Twine
  • Braided 8 Carrier Twine
  • Braided 16 Carrier Twine

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