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Flexgard antifouling net treatment is available in both water and solvent base. FLEXGARD products are distributed in the following countries and regions: the US, Canada, Chile, Australia, Asia, Cyprus, Middle East, Africa, Northern Europe and Southern Europe. Flexabar Aquatech was the first to introduce waterbase antifoulants Flexgard to the aquaculture and commercial fishing industries. As a major worldwide supplier these registered products have been sold to these industries for the past 35 years.

Flexabar Aquatech was the first to introduce waterbase antifoulants Flexgard to the aquaculture and commercial fishing industries. As a major worldwide supplier these registered products have been sold to these industries for the past 35 years.

Badinotti Group spa is the Agent for the following countries: ITALY, CROATIA, MALTA, ALGERIA, TUNISIA, MAROCCO, LYBYA, BULGARIA, ROMANIA, MONTENEGRO

  • FLEXGARD coatings are formulated to impregnate both new and used aquaculture cage nets and ropes. Both water and oil based products provide several advantageous properties to the nets and application flexibility to suit your needs.
  • FLEXGARD is highly effective against most types of marine growth. Controlled leach out ensures extended period of efficacy.
  • Stiffens cage nets so they maintain shape better in the water and provides increased protection against predators.
  • Flexible with excellent adhesion to synthetic fibers, binds and sets knots on knotted netting.
  • FLEXGARD treated nets provide a healthy growth environment by promoting good water flow which maintains oxygen levels and expedites the removal of waste products. Cleaner nets require fewer changes further reducing strain on fish stocks along with reducing labor costs.
  • FLEXGARD coatings provide good protection against UV rays.

In the right side pictures are examples of netting, one treated with Flexgard.
After 22 weeks the untreated nets (n° 1 and 2) were fouled but the Flexgard treated nets (n° 3 and 4) were clean.


  • Resists marine growth, including barnacles and muscles.
  • Ensures flow of water which maintains oxygen.


  • Excellent adhesion to synthetic and natural fibers, allowing improved storage of coated nets.
  • Reduces strain

Specific Water Based Properties:
FLEXGARD water based coatings provide excellent antifouling properties are essentially odorless and since the product is latex dilution and clean up only require water. Application should be carried out at temperatures above 50°F (10°C) at a relative humidity below 50% unless forced hot air is available for forced drying. NETS MUST BE COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE PLACEMENT IN WATER. Product should be stored above 40°F (5°C) to prevent freezing.

Water Based Aquaculture Net Coating for Organic Fish Farming

FLEXDIP is a water based treatment for aquaculture nets.

FLEXDIP is easy to apply and dries by evaporation of water from the system so no highly specialized equipment is required. Because FLEXDIP is not an antifouling material it doesn’t contain any biocides or heavy metals making it an excellent choice for Organic Fish farms.
Easier net cleaning and reduced maintenance; because net fibers are sealed, fouling organisms release more readily from the nets. Nets can be cleaned in place, hung to dry or washed in conventional drum washing machines. When proper care is taken in handling nets, net life can be greatly extended. In many instances only one application of FLEXDIP will ever be needed.

Reduced net chewing by aggressive species such as Cod and Sea Bream, binding of the fibers makes them less attractive to the fish and much tougher to sever.

Protection from the elements including UV rays.

Increases and maintains net break strength and knot holding ability.

FLEXDIP is supplied in 1000 liter IBC’s as a concentrated material. Before use FLEXDIP should be diluted between 20% and 40% of its volume with water. Size of mesh is the major factor in determining the amount of dilution. Generally the smaller the mesh size the greater the dilution percentage. A weight increase on a fully dried net of approximately 30% is an idea result.

APPLICATION: Nets should be treated by submersion in the diluted FLEXDIP in a dip tank for a minimum of twenty minutes. Nets can also be treated in a vacuum bag type net treating machine following the manufactures instructions.

DRYING: Nets may be hung to dry or dried on a net wheel. Drying time will depend on the ambient conditions but may be accelerated by the use of forced warm air where available. Providing for maximum circulation of air around and through the net will also decrease drying time. Nets should be protected from exposure to rain while being dipped and until fully dried. Under reasonable conditions drying should be accomplished in 8 to 12 hours. Once nets are dry they may be less flexible than before treatment. Treated nets can be stored indefinitely before installation in the sea.

STORAGE: FLEXDIP should not be stored in steel, iron or aluminum containers, it is recommended that stainless steel or plastic be used for all storage. Undiluted FLEXDIP can be stored for at least 6 months in a cool dry location, PROTECT FROM FREEZING TEMPERATURES AT ALL TIMES.

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