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- Complex Premix Layer Feed



Feed formulation for laying chicken with BAKON= CEREAL (corn, wheat, etc.) +  MEAL (soybean, sunflower, etc.) + BAKON.

Poultry Complex Premix General Benefits

  • Because of the Perfect  pre-mix, Do not have any mix problems
  • By increasing the feed value, provides balanced feed for animals
  • The content of feed is formulated according to the specific requirements of the animal growing phase that it provides a more healthy and balanced diet for animals than the other feed additives
  • Recover us from the Synthetic amino acids dependence (methionine lys to, etc.)
  • Due to contain all of the enzymes; no need to choose them seperately.
  • Not required to the protective such as (Salmonella inhibitor, toxin binding, anti-mold)
  • All premixes which used in this product are pures
  • According to the request; enable to the feed creation.
  • Due to contain qualified preservatives; provides feed hygiene too
  • It offers special feed option for the problematic animals
  • Allows to the continuation of the high yield levels which is Obtained;

Layer Feed Complex Premixes

There are two products under the BAKON® Layer Feed Complex Premix headline

1. Laying Chick-Chicken Feed Complex Premixes

It used the first weeks until manual eggs.

2. Layer Feed Complex Premixes

It used between two periods (the manual eggs and end of the economic production periods)


  • By increasing the feed conversion; it causes to the high weight gain quickly.
  • By decreasing the feed utilization it enable to reach to the target weight gain that we planed.
  • According to the non BAKON flocks; it reduces the transition time of egg production in BAKON flocks.
  • Afte using the product It causes to obtain the larger eggs from the flocks and reduces the dirty and broken eggs and the mortality ratio in hen houses.
  • Increases the egg yolk color and egg shell quality and prolongs the shelf life period.
  • Peak efficiencies are higher and peak periods are longer than the similar other products.
  • Due to a balanced diet, against diseases, the animals resistance is higher.
  • Depending on the age rise in flocks, the shell weakening, in “BAKON®” flocks is delayed more than 8-10 weeks according to the unused ones.
  • After molting performance is excellent in BAKON groups compared to the others.
  • It causes to get more eggs in the end of production period with BAKON compared to the similar ones.

The earning of manufacturers  that, used BAKON premix

  • The BAKON eggs have attracted attention with yolk, albumen quality also shell quality and color as well as its brightness.
  • Due to the organic minerals content, the BAKON eggs has a distinct taste and flavor.
  • BAKON premix prolongs the shelf life period and causes to obtain more eggs from the flocks.
  • The egg inner and outer quality is visually attractive for customers.
  • In respect of high shell, yolk and albumen also air pocket quality; the BAKON eggs, have the HAUGH units upper category of A class certificate and it means mentioned egg is located in the most valuable class AA category.
  • The BAKON eggs are more preferred products and also sold over the market value.
  • BAKON eggs in the egg trade stagnation period can be sold more easily.


  • Cereals; corn, wheat, barley
  • Oilseed meals; soya, sunflower group
  • Bran-fat group
  • Marble dust-salt

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