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Bale Converter Unrolls Large Round Bales


Alison Bale Converter unrolls large round bales of hay or straw and converts the round bales into small square bales. Unrolling and rebaling allows hay and straw farmers to store the hay in large round bales, and then market them as 14 x 18 or 16 x 18 square bales. The Alison Bale Converter unrolls round bales and feeds the released forage into a square baler. The unroller feeder table will accommodate any model of square baler. The unroller unit uses the latest electro-hydraulic technology. The Alison Bale Converter is much easier to operate, has fewer moving parts, and many additional safety features. Farmers and ranchers can reduce the manual labor required to make, store, and handle hay bales. Many do not have the time or the labor to make only square bales during harvesting. The ability to store the straw or hay as round bales, then rebale as needed, has been a welcome change. Let me know how I can help you save time, labor, and money.


The Pre-Processing Table

The Pre-Processing Table allows the rebaling process to run continuously by allowing two 6 ft. rolls to be ready at all times. The tractor operator can always have a bale ready to advance to the converter table.


The Converter Table

The Converter Table uses hydraulic pressure to force the round bale to advance up to the dethatcher which fluffs and separates the hay or straw and delivers it to the feeder table.


The Feeder Table

The feedre table advances the hay or straw from the converter to the square baler.


  • Solid one-piece construction - 1/4 inch, 16 guage steel plate
  • Hydraulic Direct Drive on all pulling axles - No chain drives
  • Solid steel split sprockets
  • Hydraulic Drives and Chain Tensioners on opposite ends of each conveyer
  • Flow controls on all Hydraulic motors, giving infinite speeds on every part or component
  • Electronic Control Module means no hot valve bank or hydraulic hose near operator - increased safety
  • Any tractor with 18 gallon/minute hydraulic flow can run the machine
  • De-Thatcher located at baler to control rate of flow into baler, elminating clogged baler or broken shear bolts
  • 1/2 x 2 inch drag bars - superior to channel bars, will lost longer and work better
  • Professional enamel paint with primer coating

Extras Available

  • Pre-processing table with stairs & walk area - increases safety and convenience.
  • Removable conveyer side - less spillage and clean up
  • Bridge and 90° gearbox for inline balers

Engine Module - Diesel

  • 85 hp John Deer Diesel Engine
  • 60 gallon Oil Reservoir
  • 40 gallon Fuel Tank
  • Tandum Pumps
  • Return Filter
  • Pressure Gauge and Pressure release valve
  • Oil Cooler

3 Phase Electric Module

  • Custom 75 hrp 230-460 Electric Motor
  • 60 gallon Oil Reservoir
  • Tandem pumps
  • Return Filter
  • Pressure Guage and Pressure release valve
  • Oil Cooler

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