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- Model 5100 - Bale Processors


Bridgeviewhas over 15 years of experience in bale processing technology and offers a full line of heavy duty, feature rich bale processors that make feeding and bedding livestock and reclamation projects effortless. Bale Kings will process all bales including rounds and squares, straw and silage, soft core and hard core, and twine and net-wrap bales with ease. We continuously strive to produce the most capable and long lasting processors on the market.


        • Up to 50% savings in bedding – Ability to spread a uniform layer of straw or mulch (including into barns and sheds) results in better bedding with less straw. Keeps the cattle more clean, dry, and comfortable.
        • Reduces feeding time and workload – Hauls 2 bales at once, processes bales in 2 minutes or less, and makes twine removal a breeze!
        • Ability to bunk feed – Save all the leaves and minimize waste.
        • Windrow feeding – Gives every member of the herd equal opportunity to feed. Results in less pushing, less stress, and improved overall performance of the herd.
        • Better bedding keeps cattle more clean, dry, and comfortable.
        • More palatable feed – Chops feed into finer lengths and blows away dust and mould for easier digestion.
        • Ideal for stockpiling processed feed or pre-shredding for mix wagons.
        • Great for spreading mulch for erosion control on hills, runways, ditches, and land reclamation project.


      • EXCLUSIVE X-ROTOR – Patented X-Rotor design with heavy ¾” x 1 ½” flails acts like a large centrifugal fan which blows straw even further than before – up to 60 feet!
      • EASY TWINE REMOVAL – The X-rotor makes twine removal a breeze. As twine wraps on the rotor during processing, the X shape of the rotor creates a perfect cavity in which the standard twine cutter can be inserted to cut the twine. Works great with utility knives or electric twine cutters too!

      • RIGHT HAND DISCHARGE – All Bale King bale processors offer industry first right hand discharge. By having the discharge on the same side of the tractor as your controls, visibility and operator comfort are greatly improved. Our exclusive gear box eliminates the hassle of belts, chains, and sprockets.
      • HEAVY DUTY  LOW MAINTENANCE DESIGN – Bale Kings bale processors are known for their heavy duty design. From their frames to the processing chamber, they are designed for years of hard work with minimal maintenance.The PTO shaft runs nearly horizontal putting less strain on U-joints than traditional processors which makes for lower operating costs.  
      • HYDRAULIC TOP DEFLECTOR – All models offer a hydraulic main deflector which makes switching from windrow or bunk feeding position to bedding and transport position effortless. With the push of a lever the deflector folds up to navigate narrow gates – no need to leave the cab.

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