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- Model VR - Wheel Rakes


Cover more ground in less time with the Bale King VR series wheel rakes by Bridgeview. Handle large volumes of hay at high speed.  The large 62″ diameter wheels and patented wheel spring design ensure smooth travel and more complete accumulation of cut material. Our heavy duty design includes 5″ X 5″ structural tubing, wrap around caster wheels and stronger pivot points giving you a long lasting, low maintenance , reliable solution for your raking needs.


    • By raking two windrows into one, you can double your baling productivity during prime baling hours – when dew and humidity are just right. This puts no extra total hours on your haying tractor and the hours that are put on the tractor are easy ones (run a low horsepower tractor just above idle all day while raking rather than running a baler for twice as many hours at full PTO RPM). 
    • When you rake two windrows into one it turns and aerates the swath at the same time – speed up drying time and you baler in the field faster.
    • A BALE KING rake will also clean up windrows that have settled into the stubble and re-windrow swaths that have blown in the wind, your baler will pick up better in less time.
    • Put more hours on your rake, which is simple and carries a low maintenance cost instead of your complex, more expensive to maintain baler.
    • When you rake at a reasonable speed with a bit of dew the rake gently rolls the crop without damaging the leaves.

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