Bale Processors



The Spread-All Bale processor look like just another Spread-All Manure Spreader, but it stands tall in its own right.

  • Perfect for creating hay bedding for your livestock
  • Insert more than one bale at once for more efficient processing
  • Chisel point teeth tear up your bales and throw them
  • 9 ft wide, 26ft long
  • Fits at least six (6) 4x4x8 bales at a time
  • Metal sides for durability
  • Chisel Point Distributor built to last and to tear into the material
  • Easy Apron Chain Tightening (takes one wrench and a prybar)
  • 16.00 R20 Military Style Tires – 28 ply (75 PSI)
  • Pintle Apron Chain with with 29,300 PSI ultimate strength per strand (4 strands)
  • Durable
  • Uses either 1000 1-3/8' or 1000 1-3/4' PTO
  • Remote jack storage area


  • Any of your ideas

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