- Model 1900 - 19 Disc-Style Whole Tree Chippers



The Bandit Model 1900 is a 19' diameter capacity disc-style whole tree chipper that is considered to be one of the top choices for land and right-of-way clearing contractors.  The standout feature on the Model 1900 is the five-wheel feed system, which is considered the best feed system ever developed for a whole tree chipper. Chip harvesters appreciate the fact that this unit produces a widely acceptable, dimensional, and clean chip that can be used for boiler fuel. Model 1900 is available with engine horsepower options ranging from 535 to 600 horsepower.  Combined with a heavy-duty frame and heavy-duty hydraulic components, a 45-degree angled feed provides the necessary power, economy, efficiency when chipping larger diameter materials.

As mentioned, the productivity of the Model 1900 can be attributed to its powerful hydraulic 5-wheel feed system including (2) 23' long horizontal top feed wheels with (2) top wheels set on an angle and one fixed bottom wheel. These feed wheels are situated in Bandit's patented and proven slide box feed system that can easily pull in and compress whole trees.  Material is fed at an aggressive 135 feet per minute and chipped at a 45-degree angle to the chipper disc, making the unit effective at rapidly slicing and shearing through woody materials. This arrangement requires less energy to chip, and will chip larger diameter materials better than a drum-style chipper because it will consume less fuel, vibrate less, throw harder, and require less horsepower to chip the larger diameter material.  

The approximate weight of this unit, including the optional cab and loader options, is 65,000 lbs.  This includes the durable 60' diameter by 3' thick, 3-knife chipper disc with cupped throwers allowing it to capture and throw material out of the discharge at a high velocity, fully loading chip vans to their maximum capacity.   The Model 1900 boasts a solid chassis construction using continuous steel welds for structural integrity as opposed to bolt-together techniques.  Component weight is distributed and supported on a sturdy, balanced frame built with 6' x 10' tubular steel that provides the necessary physical reinforcement for chipping.

The Model 1900 features a 220-degree swivel discharge spout, allowing the operator to discharge chips in all directions. The swivel discharge also allows the operator to switch trailers in seconds; thus, five or six trailers can be spotted at the chipper simultaneously. This powerful chipper will convert a 19-inch diameter whole tree to chips in under a minute and can chip a 25-ton load of chips in under 30 minutes.  Side chip discharge systems are available as an upgrade to load top open chip vans.   The towable unit is available with or without a loader.  The loaderless unit is commonly used by mechanized loggers for dropping tops and unmerchantable whole trees while extracting saw logs and pulp wood.  A cable remote and radio remote are available so that the chipper can be controlled from an auxiliary machine.

High-production land clearers should consider the optional operator cab for comfortable operation.  The cab features 3/8' lexan windows, cab fan, exterior work lights, auto feed tach, fuel sight gauge, deluxe swivel seat with hydraulic controlled joysticks built within the arm rests, GEM engine software monitoring system, throttle control, a ceiling mounted 12 volt AC / heating unit, and an array of monitors and screens to be installed based on customer preference.  Various conveyor options also available to assist the feed system with shorter, brushier material.

Productivity enhancing features like two (2) hydraulic lift cylinders, hydraulic stabilizers, and reversing auto feed system are included as standard on the Model 1900.  The steel fuel tank holds 200 gallons, and the steel hydraulic tank has 150 gallon capacity.    A full palette of standard and custom paint colors give you the freedom to choose the look of your brand or company.

The Model 1900, as with all Bandit chippers, is designed and equipped with operator safety in mind. Standard items that accommodate any chipper package include guards that cover all moving parts, engine disabling plugs, disc/drum locks, and other Bandit patented and patent pending devices.   Also, all components on Bandit chippers are designed to be easily accessible to save time on routine maintenance schedules and to reduce downtime by being more serviceable out in the field.  Plus, Bandit whole tree chippers, including the Model 1900, are protected by an industry-leading 5-year 'GUTS' warranty which includes coverage on Bandit manufactured components on the drum/disc and slide box feed system.  The engine also features a 5-year warranty and will be covered by the respective engine supplier. Thus, Bandit chippers have proven over time to be the best economical decision you can make for a long-term investment in a whole tree chipper.

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