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For over 15 years, the Bandit Model 65XP has served as the mainstay small brush chipper for both rental companies and tree service professionals. Small in stature but big on performance, the Model 65XP features a large 6-inch wide by 12-inch tall throat opening—twice the size of most other chippers in the 6-inch category. Coupled with a single powerful horizontal feed wheel (a dual-wheel feed system is optional), the Model 65XP can easily pull in, compress and process limbs and even small trees. This saves time and fuel during processing, and because of Bandit’s aggressive feed system, considerably less trim work is required before chipping.

The Model 65XP uses a chipping disc placed at a 90-degree angle to the infeed opening, making it much more effective at chipping smaller diameter brush and viney material that other chippers in this category struggle to process. Available with gasoline or diesel engines ranging from 25 to 49 horsepower, this lightweight hand-fed chipper provides plenty of punch while also being extremely easy to tow and maneuver. With the diesel engine option, the Model 65XP checks in around 2,700 pounds.

As with all Bandit chippers, the Model 65XP is designed and equipped with operator safety in mind. Numerous items such as guards, disable plugs and the patented “Last Chance Cables” are standard, while optional components like the bottom bump bar and Feed Wheel Engage system go above and beyond state and federal requirements. And when it comes to maintenance, major components are designed to be easily accessible for regular servicing, saving both time and money.

All Bandit hand-fed chippers are backed by an available 5-year GUTS warranty, covering the disc/drum, feed system and related components. This industry-leading warranty is offered because all Bandit equipment is manufactured by specialized teams, utilizing the highest quality components and assembled with solid welded construction. That’s why it is no surprise to see a properly maintained Bandit hand-fed chipper working front-line service for over 10 years and 10,000 hours—in all environments and working conditions—all around the world.

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