- Perennial Broad-Leaf Weed Control



A well-established product for perennial broad-leaf weed control, primarily in corn and cereals, and also turf, pasture and non-crop land.

  • Additional brands: CADENCE (dry formulation)
  • Active ingredient: Dicamba
  • Mode of action: This Auxin-type synthetic hormone herbicide interferes with Indolic Acetic Acid in growing plant parts inducing cell elongation. Subsequently the stem bends, the growing point swells and leaves curl causing death.
  • Targets: Broad-leaved weeds
  • Main crops: Corn
  • Geography: Worldwide except US
  • Date of first launch: Early 1960s

Main customer benefits:

  • Controls tough broadleaved weeds incuding perennials
  • Due to some residual activity can be applied early, before weeds start to rob yield and still provides control until canopy closes.
  • Is a key partner in SU-resistance management

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