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Bar Code Scanner



WEM uses bar code reading and tag printing as well as RFID for numerous applications in the feed mill.

Receiving – WEM can read vendor bar codes directly into the system for lot code tracking or can print bar codes for application to pallets, bags, and bulk bags. These can be used during inventory reconciliation to assure accurate accounting and inventory control.

Micro-ingredient Control – WEM can use bar codes to control access to micron-ingredient bins. This helps to assure the correct micro-ingredient goes into the correct bin.

Hand Adds – The WEM hand adds prompting and check weighing system can scan bar codes on bags or other containers to help assure the correct material is being added.

Shipping – Bar codes can be printed on labels or tickets to assure lot code and other key information is available for every material shipped. Additionally bar codes can be used to read the truck compartment below the feed discharge point. This assures the correct feed is going into the correct compartment of the truck.

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