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The Bar 6 feed dispenser will save you time, money and labor. The Bar 6 feed dispenser will save time, money and labor. This long lasting product is economically priced and extremely versatile.

Bar Six Offers 10 different sizes of feed dispensers. All models are made of 16 gauge sheet iron, 3/16 x 1½ angle iron, 4” auger, adjustable V-auger cover, 12 volt motor, 10” pulley, rubber belt, electric cords, solenoid and toggle switch are all standard equipment. All feeders are easy to install on all pickups or ATV’s. All feed dispensers are primed and painted white or black standard with additional cost we can paint to what color you desire. Larger or Special Dispenser built by special orders only.

*These models are more designed for the ATV’s but can be used as desired.

250# Feed Dispenser:

  • 20'w x 24'h x 40' length
  • Weight - 175lbs

450# Feed Dispenser:

  • 24'w x 31'h x 40' length
  • Weight - 200lbs

650# Feed Dispenser:

  • 28'w x 33'h x 48' length
  • Weight - 250lbs

B - 800# Feed Dispenser:

  • 28'w x 33'h x 65' length
  • Weight 300lbs

C - 1200# Feed Dispenser:

  • 30'w x 37'h x 65' length
  • Weight 325lbs

D - 1800# Feed Dispenser:

  • 40'w x 45'h x 65' length
  • Weight 350lbs

E - 2500# Feed Dispenser:

  • 44'w x 56'h x 65' length
  • Weight 400lbs

F - 3200# Feed Dispenser:

  • 50'w x 60'h x 65' length
  • Weight 450lbs

G - Special 1000# Feed Dispenser:

  • 20'w x 42'h x 77' length
  • Weight 300lbs

H - Special 1600# Feed Dispenser:

  • 30'w x 42'h x 77' length
  • Weight 350lbs

All models can have different options added:

Scales, counters, site tube, jack shafts (double pulley system to slow down motor)
*except on the 250# feeder & G-1000# feeder, chain drive and rain covers.

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