- Model 400 - Stone Pickers


Similar to the model 400HD, the model 400 is Barber's smallest stone rake. It weighs 1,900 pounds and can lift up to 2,000 pounds in its one (1) cubic yard hopper. Its hydraulic discharge places material neatly on the ground. Within one (1) hour, the model 400 can effectively clean up to two (2) acres.

The TURF RAKE rock rake excels at removing rock and debris from soil to prepare it for multiple applications. Among its rock raking applications, the TURF RAKE facilitate horse track and arena maintenance,golf course creation, farm seed bed preparation, and strafing range munitions removal. In addition to these specific uses, the TURF RAKE proves effective for many other stone-picking applications.

The TURF RAKE is an incredibly versatile tool for contractors, as it can be used for functions that extend beyond stone picking. It can be modified to remove litter from beaches, sandy areas, grass, and to dethatch. See Barber's SURF RAKE beach cleaners or LITTER PICKER for more information regarding the TURF RAKE's adaptability. This versatility makes the TURF RAKE an ideal cleaner for contractors looking to work every season all year.

Stone Picking and Soil Grooming Applications

Horse Arena Maintenance
Golf Course Creation
Farm Seed Bed Preparation
Strafing Range Munitions Removal

  • DIMENSIONS : H: 4'5' L: 9'10' W: 7'6'
  • WEIGHT : Approximately 1900 lbs
  • CLEANING WIDTH : 6 feet
  • CLEANING DEPTH : Adjustable to 4'
  • OPERATING SPEEDS : 1 to 9 miles per hour
  • DEBRIS REMOVED : Stones ¼' to 4' in diameter, sod, roots, wood, branches and broken glass - See more at: http://www.hbarber.com/stonepickers/turfrake/Specifications.html#sthash.KmTkFQJc.dpuf
  • PERFORMANCE : Picks to 2 acres per hour
  • HOPPER : 1 cubic yard (2000 lbs cap)
  • TIRES : 31 x 13.5 x 15 high flotation design
  • CONVEYOR : Of bar flight type, covered with continuous 4' wide belt, with stainless steel spring tines mounted on it.
  • HYDRAULIC DRIVE : Completely sealed andprotected by full flow filter. Large capacity spline mounted pump, hydraulic motor, flow control, and built-in overflow protection.
  • HYDRAULIC FLOW : 12 gallons per minute
  • HYDRAULIC CAP : 11 gallons
  • CYLINDERS : Trip IV2' x 10 single acting
  • PAINT : Dupont IMRON® Polyurethane enamel
  • TRACTOR    25 PTO horsepower
  • OTHER TRACTOR REQUIREMENTS : 540 RPM rear PTO, 3-point hitch and depending on model and options, up to 3 remote hydraulic valves with raise, hold, and float positions. Larger or smaller tractors may be used depending on beach conditions.


The finisher attaches to the rear of the TURF RAKE and smoothes the cleaned soil, eliminating tire tracks. At nine feet wide, the finisher grooms the raked area leaving it ready for seeding. The finisher elevates hydraulically when not in use for easy transport.

Hot Dip Galvanizing
Double the life of the frame by having it Hot Dip Galvanized! The entire steel frame is immersed in molten zinc. This creates a tough protective coating that is metallurgically bonded to the steel inside and out preventing corrosion.

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