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The machine is suitable for soil preparation in vast areas, even 100 ha.The solid structure makes them endure each challenge. Soil is scarified at considerable depths up to 30 cm. Thanks to Baselier hydraulically driven roll, water is stored in a coulter and evaporation is stopped with the simultaneous pressing only 2 cm layer at the coulter top.Special versions of prongs introduced to the market allow for work in heavy, stony soils. These machines are specially recommended for heavy and medium compact soils.The equipment may include a transmission, overriding clutch, a 4x75 cm initial bed-formation moil, bed-formation moil, 4x75 cm hydraulically driven roll, the demand for power increases to 160 KM, special prongs for stony soils, special reinforced prongs, double wheels for copying depths, dredgers between ridges.

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