- Model 140 - Mobile or Stationary Grain Dryer



All what you could need to treat well the most precious of grain! Pedrotti Driers praises over 40 years of experience in rice-drying. The machines that are expressly made for this cereal assure perfect drying; cleaned and intact products at the end of each batch cycle, offering also low consumption.

The PEDROTTI grain driers are extremely versatile machines, fully self-contained. They need not any outer mechanical equipment and any building works.

The PEDROTTI grain driers operate with the subsequent batches system and continuous recirculation of the crop, a system which ensures a perfect uniformity of the crop at end of drying.


In addition to being realized on chassis c/w axle and wheels, single axle or twin depending the model, the mobility of the machine is secured and made easy by a system of winches (manual or hydraulic) which allows to convert in few minutes the machine from an operating condition to a trucking condition (see picture below).

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