- Dibbing Machine



Suitable for dibbing planting holes in the ground, e.g. for leek. Basic versions: 3 rows at 37 to 50 cm or 4 rows at 75 cm or 5 rows at 60 cm. Dibbing distance in the row 8 to 30 cm, adjustable by exchanging chain wheel and/or selecting tractor gear. Dibber-hole diameter 30 mm. Capacity about 1200 meters per hour. Aptionally available: furrow ploughs, various plant-hole stamps, track markers, others versions.

  • Suitable for cutting the runners of strawberry plants on waiting beds.
  • Principe: The runners are cut through on the right-hand side by disc coulters.
  • Next, they are laid across to the left by a toothed V-belt, and then they are also cut through on the left-hand side.
  • Drive: V-belt by tractor hydraulics, rear disc couters by rear depth wheels.
  • Capacity: about 3000 meters per hour.

  • Suitable for pick up strawberry runners to optimize the mowing of the runners.
  • Runner lifter is intended to construct in front of a frontmower.
  • Principle: rotor with 4 rows of teeth which pull the runners out of the soil.
  • Driven by hydraulic motor with speedregulator.
  • Working width based on wheel track of 150 cm.

  • Suitbale for depositing plastic over seed and planting beds.
  • Working width: 50 – 200 cm. Capacity: about 3000 meters per hour.
  • Also available: T-tape layer, plough discs, punch rollers.

  • Suitable for winding or unwinding plastic, cloth etc.
  • Driven by tractor hydraulics. Winding width: 220 cm. About 300 m of 12 m wide can be wound on each tube. Included in the delivery are 5 winding tubes and 2 guide discs.
  • Also available with additional 3 hitch point connection.

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