- Disc Planter



Suitable for single plants varying from 6 to 50 cm and also soil-blocks up to P9 (e.g. strawberry plants, perennials and tree nurseries).

The planter puts a plant with its leaves between a metal disc and a flexible rubber disc, which insert the plant into the furrow and release it. The plant is then firmly pressed by the press wheels. The machine has wheels at the front with a chain drive to determine the speed of the planting discs driven by tractor hydraulics to obtain a correct planting distance in the row, even at different working speeds. Planting distance in the row is determined by the number of marks on planting disc and the chain drive change gear.

  • Suitable for small and large planting material. Proper work posture due to large planting disc. The planter's weight does not influence the pressing of the plants. Less spare parts required.
  • Minimum row distance: 45 cm (25 cm for double frame). Minimum planting distance in row 8 cm. Maximum planting depth 15 cm.
  • Maximum planting height above ground 35 cm. Capacity: 1,000 to 2,500 plants per man per hour, depending on plant type and size.
  • Depending on plant type, the machine will be supplied with suitable planting socks, adjustable planting plate and crate racks.
  • Machine is available with hood: white top, green front, rear and sides with windows. Fixed front, sliding sides and rollable rear.

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