- Disc Planter with Supply Belt



Suitable for planting leek, both bare rooted and soil-blocks. Principle: Plant is right placed on supply belt. Plant is supplied right between the solid and rubber flexible disc. Plant is placed by the discs right into the furrow and loosen. Then the plant is well pressed by the pressing wheels and loosen. Machine is supported by wheels in front which also determine by chain the speed of the planting discs which are driven by tractorhydraulics, so the speed of the discs is fixed to the forward speed. Planting distance in the row can be adapted by changing a chainwheel of the chain drive between disc and supply belt.

  • Good seating. Weight of the planting person doesn’t influence pressing of the plants. Less spare parts needed. Easy adjustable machine. Small furrow which promotes plantgrowth. Plant is kept just shortly during earthing up, so less chance of planting tilt. Also possible planting light (5 cm planting depth).
  • Minimal row distance 50 cm. Plant distance in the row from 8 cm. Maximum planting depth 15 cm, normally 12 cm in wide furrow of 5 cm depth. Capacity: approx. 3000 plants per man per hour depending of the plants.
  • Machine will be delivered with plantsock with wide furrowformer, so the plant is planted into a furrow which is earthed up afterwards (by hoeing f.i.). Further the machine has an adjustable crate for the plants and crates.
  • Machine can be delivered with hood: Roof white, front, rear and sides green with windows. Front fixed, sides slidable and rear can be rolled up.

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