- Row-fertilising Applicator



Suitable for various types of artificial and organic fertiliser. Principle: Each outlet has its own driven cam-wheel unit from which the cam-wheel width is central adjustable. It is also possible to adjust each cam-wheel width separately.

Basic version: stainless steel fertiliser bucket with desired number of outlets on wheel frame with injection or guiding piping. Cam-wheel units are driven by one wheel of its wheel frame, ensuring a correct dosage at all times.
Working speed up to approx. 7 km per hour. Dosage each outlet up to approx. 300 kg/ha.

Most current buckets: 60 x 30 cm (60 liter) with 2 outlets; 120 x 50 cm, (250 liter) with 4 outlets and 250 x50 cm, (450 liter) with 6 outlets.

Optionally available hydraulic or electric drive for bucket. Buckets are also separate available. For a evenly dividing over the whole bed the each outlet can be provided with a cone shape divider. Blinds for blinding an outlet on the inside are available. Special cam-wheel units are available for granulate or for extra large dosages. For organic fertiliser bucket is available with mixing shaft.

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