Model C - Batch Chemical Treaters



PETKUS Batch Chemical Treaters are gentle on the seed and operate according to the rotor-stator principle. They are universally usable for almost all agricultural crops. Treaters of these series are multifunctional and meet today's modern demands in regards to treating, incrustation and pelleting of seed. All pesticides, including fertilization, dyes, polymers or other coating compositions can be simultaneously or sequentially applied with different treatment times and intensity in a single batch.

The product design philosophy of PETKUS Batch Treaters combines form and function. The shape of the stator is conical, tapered and equipped with deflectors. The seed is purposefully directed back into the stator center. The stator itself is optional lined with a synthetic material that reduces product adhesion and offers a self-cleaning effect. The electro-polished rotor and its smooth stainless steel surface also prevent chemical or polishing agent adhesion. The dosage of the chemical agent and additives is done via inductive flow meters. The seed is assigned by means of a precision electro-pneumatic batch scale and gravimetric dosing. 

The application and seed quantities are measured continuously, and thus the actual and target values are compared and automatically adjusted during an ongoing process. The various application recipes can be saved. Each treated seed lot is logged with an “Application History” and can be secured and documented externally via USB storage.

  • Electro-pneumatic batch scales with gravimetric dosing of seed
  • Pneumatic discharge flap
  • Liquid dosing per MID
  • Self-learning system with fully automatic adjustments
  • Rotor-stator with self-cleaning effect
  • Maximum recipe flexibility and recipes saving
  • Easy operation by touch panel
  • Process data recording and documentation
  • Absolutely uniform and complete coating of the grain surface
  • Extremely short retention time

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