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- Grafts and Whips

Are you a tree nursery? Batouwe can help you compile the basis for a high quality range of trees! We graft and cultivate avenue and ornamental trees and deliver them as whips in non-spyralling root pots. We are a modern grafting company and have greenhouses at our disposal where the grafted material can grow under controlled conditions. Moreover, we  have traditional in-house expertise, because high quality whips demand craftsmanship. What growers appreciate is our high quality: whips with a straight stem that, almost without exception, quickly root. Because the whips are delivered in pots, the plants are not subjected to stress, which is advantageous in terms of growth.

Become acquainted with our whips and discover that they:

  • are always absolutely straight because they are individually caned
  • are available all year round (even in spring and late autumn when there are still leaves on the trees) because they are individually planted in pots
  • have no twisted roots thanks to the non-spyralling root pots that we use, however they soon form a firm root ball
  • are true species!

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