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- P9 Shrubs

When you select the Batouwe P9 (18 compartments) you can be assured of your first gain. You will receive a well pruned, compact plant that grows quickly. Furthermore, this plant will easily save you 12% on labour time! You will be laying the foundations for good growing results. We provide a large range of P9 shrubs, including the more difficult, slow growing varieties. These shrubs require a great deal of attention to cultivate them successfully. At Batouwe, we give them this attention. A Batouwe P9 (18 compartments) is cultivated by Batouwe for two years under optimal circumstances; the first year as a cutting and the second year as a P9 (18 compartments).

These shrubs are unique because:

  • they are homogeneous
  • they have been pruned twice - the plants are thus more compact and require no further pruning
  • the shrubs provide up to 12% labour savings thanks to a special 18-hole tray. No more individual plant pots but 18 P9’s on one tray. The plants are easy to remove from the tray, which increases the speed of potting-up considerably.

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