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The letters AGV stand for 'Automatically Guided Vehicle'.  The choice between the AGV or the standard harvesting wagon depends on a number of factors. If you would like to know what would best suit your situation, please contact us so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss your particular requirements. The lower part of the AGV is virtually standard for most crops. Depending on the application, you can choose for a harvesting rack, a container, a hydraulic scissor or indeed a combination of all these options. Automatic harvesting wagons are certainly not newcomers to Berg Hortimotive. This type of wagon has been part of our range for over 10 years now.

Induction technology

The BENOMIC AGV has been completely redesigned. The most obvious changes concern the steering technology.
The previous generations of harvesting wagons made their way around using a guide piece that followed a groove in order to keep it on the right path.

The latest BENOMIC AGV makes it way around using induction technology. A cable is cut into the path and the AGV is fitted with a steering wheel complete with induction pick-up. While it moves, the steering wheel follows the cable in the pathway thereby taking the wagon to the correct location each time. This technology provides many more opportunities than previously were possible. By cutting various cables into the pathways, any number of tracks can be laid, and furthermore, by drilling sensors into the pathways, the AGV can stop, slow down or speed up according to demand.

Steering wheel

The BENOMIC-AGV is steered by a single wheel located centrally, underneath the wagon. This allows for an extremely small turning-circle, which offers many benefits when working on the paths or operating areas.

Smooth exterior

This helps to keep the wagon clean and tidy. No more bolts, edges, corners or holes where dirt can enter and become difficult to remove. Moreover, the plants no longer become damaged by sharp angles or edges.


The strong scissor has enormous hoisting power thanks to the high capacity hydraulic cylinders. Maximum lifting capacity is approximately 500 kg.

Simplicity of maintenance

Servicing and maintenance is now even simpler thanks to the fact all of the important components are located under a single cover.


The BENOMIC AGV is fitted with a reliable differential and drive motor system which has served Berg Hortimotive extremely well over many years.

The differential means that the power from the drive motor is distributed evenly over both drive wheels. This also results in high performance levels.


Control is by way of rotating switches, making it clear and easy to operate.

Motor regulation

No more printed circuits, but instead a compact electronic drive regulator that ensures optimal drive over the whole range, from crawler right through to maximum speeds.


The wagon can be raised with the single press of a button - no longer on the side, but right in front. A range of hoist wheels is available:

  • 4 track wheels 
  • 2 swivelling wheels and 2 fixed wheels
  • centre wheels.

Sliding rack

The platform has been redesigned and fitted with built-in bearings so that the heavy containers can easily be moved back and forth to make way for the harvester.

Advantages of the BENOMIC AGV harvesting wagon with hydraulic scissor.

Improved working conditions.


Easy to work at heights without having to climb or stretch.

Easy to control.

Easy to move thanks to the hydraulic lifting system.

Optional integrated trailer platform.

Very long life-cycle.


  • platform > 300 cm
  • various harvest containers
  • conversion to plant crop wagon
  • built-in battery chargers
  • higher lifting capacity

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