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Model BBM 1710 - Brushing Machines



Under the name “BBM”  we offer you a complete new concept of brushing machines . Through construction of a complete closed body, the area for dust development is reduced to a manageable environment where dust and foreign objects are easily extracted and collected. The system’s drive is equipped with a powerbelt , which makes the use of separate small chains no longer necessary. Also  the machine has developed into a low maintenance machine, and, one of the biggest advantages, the noise has drastically been reduced. With this the machine can easely be placed into an inspection line, where people are working near the machine.

Drycleaning of your crops The new BBM brushing machine is suitable for dry cleaning of potatoes and onions for example. By default, this machine has the possibility to be used in combination with an movable infeed conveyor, with which the cleaning intensity can be adjusted. The further the conveyor is inserted into the machine , the less of the product is being cleaned . This is even to create a productflow where the brushing machine can be switched off completely, without taking the machine out of the line. Easily accessible At the top of the brushing machine you will find double access doors , through which the machine is easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning . An optional dust and soil drainage funnel can be supplied too. (Custom made)

Machine standard equipped with :

  • In- and outletfunnel on the BBM version
  • Adjustable legs for easy placing the machine in a processing line.
  • Low maintenance drive through toothed belts and soft start device on the BBM variant, other models using chain drive
  • Heavy duty drive motor for stable and reliable drive

Machine available with the following options :

  • Slide conveyor for adjustable brushing intensity
  • Dust collection gutter underneath the machine

  • Capacity upto 10 ton/h
  • Working width1.000 mm
  • Working length1.700 mm
  • Number of brushes14
  • Drive of brushes1.5 kW
  • Total length2.350 mm
  • Weight525 kgs

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