Hampshire Carnivorous Plants

Model BC3001 - Sarracenia Hybrid Collection


A selection of three named Sarracenia hybrids chosen for their colour and vigour, Good for an unheated greenhouse, conservatory or on a sunny windowsill for the Summer months. Sarracenia can be very easy to grow and this collection is ideal for a beginner. These plants not only produce beautiful foliage throughout the growing season March to October, but also spectacular flowers every Spring. All three plants are semi mature 3 year old plants. All plants are sent out potted in 9cm pots. Sarracenia hybrids tend to grow faster than the species and produce more pitchers, all three plants will not need repotting until the following Spring with our com 1. Sarracenia hybrids are some of my favorite carnivorous plants , easy to grow excellent, insect catchers, beautiful pitchers and flowers!

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