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- Model 710 - Tractor

Built to the same commercial standards as BCS’s Professional series, the Gardener models provide an economical choice for the hobby gardener and small property owner.

  • Tines rotate 50% faster than competitive brands at a rate of 20 rotations per wheel revolution. Tine speed can also be adjusted to a 10:1 rotation ratio.
  • Planar wedge in center of tiller breaks up center soil, leaving no untilled strip down the middle.
  • Tine disconnect with lockout stops tines from spinning during transport or when in reverse for safer operation.
  • Adjustable tilling widths: the 26’’ tiller narrows to 20’’; the 30’’ narrows to 26'; and the 33’’ narrows to 27’’.
  • ALL GEAR DRIVE: Featuring heat-treated steel gears and shafts, the all-gear drive transmission on a BCS tractor provides extra durability, unmatched power, and a lower center of gravity for enhanced stability, especially in stony conditions.
  • AUTOMOTIVE STYLE CLUTCH: With no chains to break or belts to slip, the BCS clutch is smooth, safe, and user-friendly.
  • PRECISE BALANCE: The tractor weight is centered over the tines for consistent, uniform pressure. No need to press down on the handles - the machine does all the work!
  • NO-TIME-LIMIT WARRANTY: Covers BCS tractor transmission parts – including shafts, gears, case, bearings, and even seals. Other components and attachments have a three-year warranty for noncommercial use. Ask your dealer for details.
  • Quick Reverser: Reverse without touching the gear shifter on most models.
  • Power take off: Increased performance with no belts or chains.
  • Easy attachments: Easy-to-use quick coupler is convenient and saves time.
  • Wheel selection: Steel or pnuematic options for various tasks.
  • 18” fixed width. Our narrowest model is the logical choice for those who want to cultivate between closely spaced rows. Rated for an 8” tilling depth, its tine circle diameter is smaller than our larger models; thereby limiting its ability to power compost large volumes of plant material.

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