Model BDR-10х4 - Cutting Disk Harrow



The BDR-10х4   cutting disk harrow with a 4- row arrangement of the operating elements is intended for loosening the soil and preparing the seedbed, for weed killing and chopping stubble residue, for pre-sowing soil preparation without pre-tillage and cultivation after harvesting thick-stemmed crops.At one pass the harrow cuts the forecrop and weeds residue and works them into the soil creating a loose and even soil layer, and also incorporates the fertilizers.The БДМ harrow features individual axles for  each disk, which is distinctive of its design solution.  Each disk’s approach angle and coverage width can be adjusted individually.

At the same time the disk functions as a ploughshare and a mould board, which makes for an improved soil overturning and crumbing, and reduces the required tractor’s pulling power.

The harrow does not feature a disk gang on a common pivot axis, which fact allows the machine to work in wet weather in the fields with a large quantity of thick-stemmed crop residue, as well as on fallow lands with weed vegetation.

The harrow is designed to work on fields with the surface slope of up to 8', moisture content under 35 % and a penetration resistance of no more than 4 MPa.

The harrow is intended for non-stony soils containing no more that 0.5% of stony material.

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