VARI, a.s.

- Model BDR-1200 Series - Single Purpose Drum Mowers



The professional double-drum mower with a cutting width of 120,2 cm is intended for cutting large meadows. The big cutting width provides a higher capacity rating for cutting with low operating costs.

Each drum is equipped with four freely rotating blades. The mowing drums rotate in a counter direction and they are suspended in angle gearboxes connected with a cardan shaft. The cut stand flows into a row between the travel wheels. The cutting unit has the ability of side tilting against the mower chassis for 10° to both sides for good adaptation to the terrain. The BDR-1200 mower is powered by the professional HONDA GXV 390 (13 HP) engine.

The mower is equipped with side and height adjustment of the handlebars, an automatic brake, 5-speed Peerless change gearbox with a reverse gear, shifting from the operator's place and a hitch for a braked two-wheel seat.
The wheel drive system has 2 built-in independent brakes controlled by levers on the handlebars. Soft-braking one wheel facilitates turning the mower.

  • laser cut space frame
  • 10° side swinging of the double-drum cutting unit
  • independent switching of wheel and cutting drives
  • directional brakes for better turning
  • disc drive through angle gearboxes connected with a cardan shaft
  • well-proven VARI design features
  • a possibility to connect a two-wheel seat

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