Model BDT-7U A - Heavy Disk Harrows



The  BDT-7U A (BDT-7UK A) heavy disk harrow is designed for loosening soil and preparing  the seedbed;  for weed destruction and chopping stubble residue; for cutting virgin soil layers; for seedbed preparation without pre- tillage and for soil cultivation after harvesting  thick-stemmed crops, as well as for caring for meadows and pastures.The harrow is designed to work on all the soils with a moisture content below 35 %, surface slopes below 10°, and a soil penetration resistance of no more than 3.5 MPa.The BDT-7UK“A” model features a disk gang axle which is a 40 х 40 mm square shaft.In   BDT-7U“A” model the disk gang axle is a Ø 45 mm round shaft.

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