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- Model BE 1900 - Bed Mixer


Front Mounted Nematicide Granule Incorporation.  Front mounted host machine for nematicide granule applicators in bed planted systems. Immediate, accurate, efficient incorporation at correct depth, in correct place without over cultivating. Robust and reliable with low power requirement, geared to run at low engine revs to suit planting speeds. Specially designed and spaced blades ensures accurate mixing. Ideal host for additional applicators increasing tractor and operator efficiencies: Nematicide Applicators. In-Furrow Sprayer tank Placement Fertiliser tank.


PCN is most important potato pest in UK and can result in slight yield loss to complete crop failure At least 60% of all potato growing land in UK is infested with PCN leading to approx £43 million per year in lost potato revenue Approx 30% (28,000 Ha) of UK potato area is treated for PCN at cost of approx £9 million per year (product only)

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